Ener-Spray expanded into spraying coatings over 10 years ago. We haven't looked back. We offer two major coating solutions, Ecodur 201 and Polyurea. On top of that, we offer a range of Cleaning and Blasting often used as preperation for the coatings.

arrow_drop_upEcodur 201 Protective Coating

Ecodur 201 Coating
Ecodur 201 is the primary plastic coating product used by Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions. This product is environmentally friendly, containing non-toxic, solvent free, VOC-free, and BPA-free ingredients. Ecodur 201 is highly durable and has a Class A flame spread rating. This ‘bio-safe’ product is NSF 61 rated for potable water container use.

Internal tank coatingsRefurbishing steel tanksOil field structuresPotable water containersWater treatment centersEpoxy lining alternative

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arrow_drop_upPolyurea Coating

Poly urea Coating
Loose fit secondary containment repairs and new construction is another area where Ener-Spray excels. Ener-Spray’s plastic coatings can be applied to various surfaces for repairs such as HDPE, LLPE, PVC and clay liners.

Secondary containmentHDPE, LLPE, PVC and clay linerstank farmsContainment poindsWater treatment centersEpoxy lining replacement

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arrow_drop_upCleaning and Blasting

Ener-Spray can assist with a variety of media blasting such as sand blasting, shot blasting, and high pressure water cleaning.

Surface preperationTank cleaningArea mediationPre-paint or spray preperation

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